Ā«Pitt, look what you lost!: šŸ’˜Jennifer Anistonā€™s recent provocative photoshoot left no room for imaginationšŸ”„Ā»

Rachel from Ā«FriendsĀ» took off her clothes and posed in a blazer! Jennifer Aniston again breaks hearts and ages beautifully. In this article you can see her new spicy photos!


However surprising it seems, the Ā«FriendsĀ» star has perfectly maintained her figure and still breaks hearts with her attractiveness and unfading elegance. Behind her stunningly-shaped body lie regular yoga, sports and right eating.

These days, she delighted everyone by posing in nothing but lingerie and a black blazer. Ā A number of netizens rushed to claim that she is like a fine wine, that is she ages beautifully and age is just a number for her. The piquant photo shoot caused a furor on the media leaving everyone speechless.

For the second look, the outstanding actress gave her preference to a short leather poncho. What concerns the third one, it included loose trousers and the same jacket. The iconic star posed seductively and stole hearts of men.

Many people still remember her as Rachel from the hit comedy series, and now that they see her still shining and radiating beauty, they can find no words to express their delight and pure admiration.

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