Sex Abstinence: Body Changes When You Stop Doing It

1. There is no “stretch” thing down there

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Contrary to popular belief, the tightness of your pelvic muscles does not correlate with your sexual frequency.

Regardless of your sexual experience, you’re likely just as “right-and-tight” as ever, debunking any misconceptions.

Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor at Yale Medical School, explains that while vaginal births can cause stretching of the vaginal canal, sexual penetration does not permanently loosen it.

The only concern is the temporary relaxation of vaginal tissues during arousal, which will return to normal.

2. Erectile dysfunction

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When men have sex abstinence, their bodies, particularly the penis, can change.

Dr. Mark Lawton of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV explains that the decline in testosterone may contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Several studies have shown that reduced sexual activity doubles the likelihood of encountering erection difficulties.

Similar to other muscles, the penis requires exercise to maintain its functionality.

3. Weak immune system

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Surprisingly, a decline in your sex life can weaken your immune system. Sex and immunity are closely linked.

According to Michael Castleman’s article on, sex in healthy relationships induces deep relaxation, which boosts the immune system and reduces the likelihood of illnesses and colds.

4. Decreased sex drive

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When women reach a certain age, sex abstinence can impact their sex drive, leading to a decrease.

Certified sex therapist Sari Cooper explains that some individuals feel less energetic and lose interest in sex.

On the other hand, some people obsess over it constantly, as mentioned by Dr. Lauren Streicher. The effect varies from person to person.

5. Higher stress levels

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Every individual’s body responds differently. However, if you rely on sex as a stress reliever, discontinuing it can potentially increase stress levels. Dr. Streicher explains that while there is an association between lower stress and increased sexual activity, it’s important to note it’s not a direct cause-and-effect relationship.

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