My Rich Mom Who Abandoned Me Shows Up 10 Years Later Demanding Money

A farmer’s son, estranged from his mother for a decade, faced her unexpectedly. She arrived in a Porsche, demanding he give up his inheritance for his half-siblings. Disparaging his appearance, she insisted he contribute to his sister’s college expenses. Rejecting her request, he retaliated by pretending to give her money, dropping a handful of pennies. Enraged, she sped away. Later, her husband revealed he was leaving her due to financial manipulation, taking back the car she used to visit. The son’s half-sister resented working while studying, placing calls to her father daily. The husband warned the son of potential financial requests from his mother.
The drama was far from over because one day, while he was in a great mood working on a tractor in the shop, the man heard a knock on the door. To his surprise, it was his mother’s new husband, wanting to talk. The older man informed the now 21-year-old the shocking news that he was leaving his mother, realizing she was spending too much money and manipulating him into giving her more.
Despite contemplating mischief, the son hoped for the last update on his estranged family.

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