Family of 7 lives in converted bus with added loft and Dad gives a tour of their amazing home

Who hasn’t daydreamed about hitting the open road, free to explore at your own pace?

For Anna and Jeff, a dynamic duo with a brood of five, this wasn’t just a dream—it was a project waiting to happen.
They took an old school bus and, with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of determination, transformed it into a cozy mobile home.

Now, this family of seven is living the dream, with their home-on-wheels boasting all the comforts of a stationary house, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and even a workspace for Jeff, the family’s resident software designer.


Just wait until you get a peek inside their home!
The kitchen is the beating heart of their home, kitted out with a washer-dryer combo, a generously-sized sink, and a 24-inch propane stove.

The sink, a savvy Ikea find, is big enough to handle the washing up for a family of seven and has even doubled as a bathtub for the kids.

The propane stove is just the ticket for their cooking needs.
And let’s not forget the butcher block countertops and custom-built cabinets, providing plenty of storage for all their kitchen necessities.

The family’s dedication to creating a comfortable and practical living space shines through in the thoughtful design of their mobile home.
They’ve got a 120-volt fridge that, while a bit of a power hog, meets their needs perfectly.

The bus was built in two stages, with the first focusing on the main level and the second bringing in significant improvements based on their road life experiences.

This included adding cabinet doors for extra pantry space and repositioning the entry door for better space management.

Jeff’s workspace is a masterclass in space optimization.
A fold-down desk in the emergency exit area gives him a peaceful spot to work.

The desk is designed to fold away quickly, ensuring the emergency exit is always accessible.

This space also houses their Starlink router, keeping them connected to the world wide web, no matter where they park their home.

How amazing is that?

Anna and Jeff’s love for travel is rooted in their childhood.
Jeff’s mom would whisk him and his brother away on road trips, while Anna’s family would flee the desert heat of Bakersfield, California, for the beach.


These experiences sparked a love for travel that they wanted to share with their children.
The bus, a $4,000 purchase that they transformed with around $46,000 over two renovation phases, became the perfect vessel for their dream.

But the bus is more than just a home—it’s also a classroom.
Anna homeschools the kids, tailoring the curriculum to their interests and passions.

Their travels offer a rich, real-world learning environment.
The kids even got involved in the bus conversion process, helping to remove seats and erect walls, giving them some hands-on learning experiences.

Each child has their own bunk, and also a shared fun spot for them in the loft that was added onto the bus home!
The couple put a lot of planning into this addition, and it’s really paid off with their large family.

The family’s mobile home also features a bathroom, complete with a Nature’s Head composting toilet and a full ceramic tile shower with a nine-foot ceiling.

The master bedroom suite is home to a king-size bed with storage tucked away underneath.

The bus’s original rearview mirror found a new purpose in the bathroom, adding a nostalgic touch.

The bus’s design also factored in the family’s need for a tow car.
They hitch a Jeep to their bus, which serves as their daily driver and allows them to explore places the bus can’t reach.

The bus is equipped with an RV-specific GPS app that plans their routes based on the bus’s weight, height, and length, ensuring they never run into any road-related hiccups.

Anna and Jeff’s story is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved when you dare to dream and have the grit to make it happen.
Their advice to anyone considering a similar lifestyle is refreshingly straightforward: just do it.

Despite the challenges, they believe that chasing your dream is always worth it.

Their converted school bus is more than just a home—it’s a symbol of their love for travel, their commitment to family, and their determination to live life on their own terms.

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