Woman gave an ultimatum to her daughter after she said she couldn’t stop her son…

For most of us, holiday is the most beautiful time of the year. The holiday is a reminder of the love we need to share with those around us, especially our family and friends.

Sadly, in the case of one family, the holiday celebration became a reason for a feud which ended with a mother giving her daughter an ultimatum and possibly uninviting her from the party she was hosting.

The mother shared her story on Reddit and asked fellow users if she was in the right or not.

Namely, she explained that there is a huge age gap between her children. She had her daughter, who’s 25, with her ex-husband who was her high-school sweetheart. She later remarried and welcomed two children, who are now 7 and 9 years of age.

Her eldest daughter has a son on her own, which makes the OP a grandmother, too.

As the holiday is approaching, she invited her daughter and her grandson to a holiday party she will be hosting. However, there was something that eventually caused a trouble.

The woman explained that her grandson doesn’t believe Santa Clause truly exists and his mom is okay with that. However, the woman’s young children do believe in Santa Claus, so now OP is worried that her grandson could ruin the magic for her children if he mentions something about Santa Clause during the evening of the party.

“I asked my daughter if she’d please talk to her son, because I wouldn’t like the magic ruined for them. I still put packages under the tree with “from Santa” on them, and leave out cookies and reindeer treats (bird seeds.) My daughter told us she wouldn’t make her son lie, and my children are old enough to understand if her son decides to say something,” the woman posted.

When the daughter said she wouldn’t force her son to lie, the woman got mad and said that if that’s the case, then her daughter and her grandson should be spending holiday all by themselves in their own apartment.

The daughter was devastated by her mother’s response and accused her of choosing her younger children’s happiness over hers, and that she was being completely unreasonable.

The woman said her husband supports her because they both want to keep the magic alive.

Following her post, comments started pouring in, and to her surprise most of the redditors agreed that OP was in the wrong.

What are your thoughts on this?

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