A woman in coma met Jesus in Heaven before returning with a crucial message from God.

These days, the evidence for NDEs (Near Death Experiences) is so abundant that it is difficult to reject it.

Regardless of whether you think there is an afterlife, this tale will make you consider what happens to our souls when we pass away.

Valerie Paters was involved in a catastrophic semi-truck collision. She sustained serious injuries when her automobile collided with a large vehicle.

When the emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the collision, they didn’t think Valerie would survive.

Her prospects of surviving when she got to the hospital were slim.

They had no faith that she would live to see another day. She didn’t exhibit any cerebral activity later.

Her family and the churchgoers she attended came together to pray for poor Valerie while the doctors tried everything they could to keep her alive.

Sister of Valerie, Cheryl, never gave up. She prayed to God in the hopes that her sister would survive.

Cheryl claimed Psalm 118:17 in the Scripture for her sister, where it quotes, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” She had no idea the prayers would do miracles.

Most NDE experiences describe a bright light. So did Valerie. When they were waiting for her to recover, she claimed that she went to Heaven and Jesus himself welcomed her with a smile.

“I felt all this emotion that he had for me,” she recalled. “I felt like I was finally home… like I stepped into, finally, I belong.”

“He just wants me,” she said of Jesus. “It wasn’t anything that I did for Him. It wasn’t my performance. Nothing. It was just me, I wasn’t just loved by Him. But He was in love with me.”

The media outlets were very eager to hear her story and they called her for an interview where she explained her experience in detail.

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