Young Maid Takes Revenge on the Guest until He Finds out That They Have Already Met Once – Story of the Day

Eva, standing vigil by her mother Alma’s hospital bed, is asked to reconnect with her estranged father. Alma’s weak but determined voice cuts through the silence, urging Eva to seek out her father, especially if she doesn’t survive her illness.

Eva reluctantly agrees, more for her mother’s peace of mind than her own desire. After Alma’s passing, Eva, now in a foster home, tries reaching out to her father, Oscar, through email and phone, but receives only a brief response.

Years later, working as a hotel maid, Eva discovers that her father, now married to a famous designer named Nora, is staying at her hotel. Seizing the opportunity for revenge, she sabotages their relationship by planting underwear in their room and sending a scandalous anonymous message to Oscar’s phone.

The plan works; Nora finds the evidence and accuses Oscar of infidelity, leading to a heated argument.

Months later, Oscar, now bankrupt, appears at Eva’s door, seeking to rebuild their relationship and asking for shelter. Eva, realizing his true intentions, coldly refuses and gives him an earring she had kept from the hotel incident as a symbol of her rejection. She closes the door on her past, feeling empowered and in control of her own destiny.

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