A woman doesn’t like her son’s bride, so she wears white to the wedding. The next day, her son makes fun of her in public.

It’s a dream of many women to find the right wedding dress. They want to look their best on their wedding day, which is the start of a new part of their lives. The woman in today’s story felt the same way, but she didn’t know what her mother-in-law was trying to do. The groom’s father-in-law wrote a long Reddit post about what happened between his wife, the bride, and the groom.

He thought that whatever bad things happened to his wife at her son’s wedding, she deserved them. He said that his much-loved wife was “not a super nice person.” He said she sometimes picked on other people, but he thought having her around made his life better. He also said that his wife didn’t like the woman who was going to marry his son.

The man told her, “Her son just got married, and she hates the bride for no reason.” Plus, his wife said she was going to wear white to her son’s wedding as a joke, but no one thought she meant it. The bride was one of the people who thought she wouldn’t do what she said. What took place at the wedding?

The woman wore a long white dress to her son’s wedding, which surprised everyone. She did this to make the bride mad. The man said his wife wouldn’t listen to him when he told her what she was doing was wrong. He tried hard not to let her wear white, but she did what she wanted.
The man was sure that his plan to get back at her would work because he knew how much his mother loved kids.

As he had told them, one of the kids talked to the woman to keep her busy while the other kid got a chocolate cupcake and smeared frosting on her seat. She didn’t know what the kids were up to, so she sat down and got brown on her dress. Her husband saw everything happen but didn’t say anything because he thought she earned it.

Besides, he told her before the party that she might get in trouble for wearing white to her son’s wedding. He also said: “She didn’t know for hours until my stepson told her before he left.” What did the woman do when she found out about the stain? The woman wasn’t mad at her son or the kids after she found out what he had done to get back at them.

She became angry at her husband instead and told him he should have stood by her by telling her about the stain. The man thought the family “drama” was over when the woman found the stain and blamed her husband. When he checked his social media accounts the next day, though, he saw something strange.

The woman’s son shared a picture from his reception that showed the brown stain on his mother’s clothes. The woman got mad at her husband for not telling her about the picture when she saw it before the event. The man was confused, so he posted the story on Reddit to find out if other users thought he was wrong for letting his wife be shamed in public at her son’s wedding. Some people blamed the man, while others said the woman should have been made fun of because she wore white to her son’s wedding. Some people thought that both of them were wrong.

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