I Was in a Coma and Heard My Wife Saying, ‘Our Plan Worked’ — Story of the Day

After a car accident, I slipped into a coma only to wake up and discover that my wife orchestrated the crash. She believed I wouldn’t survive, but I did. In the hospital, unable to move or speak, I overheard her confessing to tampering with my brakes.

Heartbroken, I focused on regaining control of my body. My wife visited, unaware I could hear her. She revealed her sinister plot to a confidante, claiming I was now a vegetable. Determined to expose her, I feigned my demise.

Jenna, a woman I’d saved from an accident, visited daily with her son, bringing solace and kindness. As I fell for her, my wife remained indifferent.

Jenna later shared her plan to move due to debt. Distraught, I cried, prompting her to coax me to open my eyes. I did, and she was elated.

Seizing the opportunity, I faked my death to catch my wife confessing her crimes. When she thought I was a ghost, I confronted her, vowing to divorce and expose her deeds.

Now free from the toxic marriage, I helped Jenna and her son, and we found love and happiness together, leaving the past behind.

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