Once upon a time in a small village there lived a very fair and honest man. He lived by doing private work in the neighbors.


Once upon a time in a small village there lived a very fair and honest man. He lived by doing private work in the neighbors.

After helping a rich man arrange his daughter’s wedding, he was rewarded by this person with a sheep for his service.

The sincere man was very happy with this gift. He threw the sheep on his shoulder with great enthusiasm and started the journey to his home.

Along the way, three malicious and lazy people saw the man with a sheep on his shoulder and began to hatch a plan to get him.

They discussed among themselves how to deceive the honest man and deceive the sheep. Having decided what plan they would follow, they dispersed to three different places along the path that the righteous man would follow to his home.

As soon as the man arrived at a lonely place, one of those three people came out from where he was hiding and asked him a strange question: Sir, what are you doing?

I don’t understand why a smart man like you has to carry a dog on his shoulder?

The righteous man was surprised when he heard these words and said to him in a loud voice: Do you not see? It is not a dog but a sheep, you stupid and fat man.

The person replied: Sir, I apologize. I said what I saw. I’m sorry that you don’t believe me. The honest man was upset by this incident but continued his journey anyway.

As soon as he walked a little, the second person came out from where he was hiding and asked him: Sir, why are you carrying a calf on your shoulder?

You seem like a smart person. Such an action is totally ill-considered on your part.

The honest man said in surprise: What? How can you mistake a sheep for a calf? The malicious person replied: Sir you are very wrong.

Either you don’t know what a sheep is like, or you do this on purpose with full awareness.

I apologize, I just told you what I saw. And then the second person walked away laughing under his breath. The honest man was confused, but continued his journey anyway.

Again, after walking for a while, the third person came forward and asked him with a loud laugh: Sir, why are you carrying it on your shoulder? a donkey? You look funny.

When he also heard the words of the third person, the righteous man began to feel unwell and to worry nervously about what was on his shoulder.

He began to think: Is this really not a sheep on my shoulder? Is it some kind of shadow or spirit?

He thought that the animal he was carrying on his shoulder might actually be some kind of spirit because it transformed itself from a sheep to a dog, then from a dog to a calf and from a calf to a donkey.

The honest and righteous man was very frightened by this idea, threw the sheep at the corner of the street and ran away.

The three people who hatched the plan were laughing at the righteous and naive man. They caught the sheep and were more than happy for the feast that awaited them.

Lesson: We must not change decisions and paths ours based on what others say. Don’t fall into the trap of those people who just want to take advantage of you.

Many people will give you advice and ideas, but remember, most of them just either want to take advantage of you, or have no desire to see you as better than themselves.

I hope you liked it friends, thank you for following me and I remind you, as always, of our already famous but very old advice: the mind is in place, the rest will all be arranged without exception.

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