29 Incredible Transformations From Beautiful To Hot

ALL bodies are beautiful, and I don’t say this as a cliche! But do you know which body is the most beautiful?

The healthy one. It doesn’t matter if you’re slim, thick, curvy, tall, short… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Going through different phases in life, we might feel the need for a change.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal of having a healthy mind and body.

Viral Strange has collected 29 pictures of women who worked hard to transform themselves, not only in physical shape but also in mental state.

1. F/30/5’4″ [284lbs > 144lbs= 140lbs] All-natural weight loss from December 2019 till now using Calorie deficit and strength training.

2. F/22/5’10” [291lbs > 191lbs = 100lbs] (2 years) I have been very quiet about my weight loss thus far, but today is huge. I have officially lost 100 pounds.

I still cringe at the before and criticize the after, but I am so proud. Today I made my impossible my reality and so can you.

3. F/32/5’6” [320lbs >180lbs =140lbs] four years from when I started my journey. I’m so fricken proud of myself!

4. F/26/5’4″ [220 > 134 = 86lbs](4 years) I haven’t posted an update in a while, really happy with how I’m looking!

5. [220>140=80] 4 years difference, have been in maintenance for about 2 years and now focusing on building muscle

6. [167lbs > 137lbs = 30lbs] 2 years of learning to lift HEAVY and love myself 🙂 <3

7. [190lbs>145lbs=45lbs] Reminder that it’s never too late to get your mental health right, remember who you are, and find yourself again.

8. After a year of maintaining and focusing on my fitness goals rather than weight, my body is still changing!

9. Go, girl!

10. [186 > 111 = 75lbs loss] no words man, I just feel proud

11. [220 < 132 = 88 pounds] almost done you guys

12. [148 > 117 = 31lbs] I FINALLY HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT! (And beat it by 3lbs) just at the end of my 5-month mark. Looks like 6 months will be continuing to get some gainzzzz 🙂

13. [92kg>54kg=38kg] face gains

14. [210lbs > 160lbs = 50lbs] Caloric deficit progress

15. [235lbs > 120lbs = 115lbs] A little over a year of progress- I don’t even recognize myself sometimes!!

16. I stopped eating out for every meal and started cooking at home. I try to get in a movement of some sort every day.

17. [150>128 = 22 lbs] 2 ish years difference

18. [230>148=82lbs] Maintained for two years! Getting my loose skin removal surgery in two months as an early 30th birthday gift to myself!

19. [190>127 = -63] can’t believe the leg difference!

20. [187 > 130 = 57 lbs] Not to be dramatic but weight lifting changed my life.

21. [287>147= 140lbs] The size of my natural waist still shocks me

22. [270>145 = 125lbs loss] It took me four years (with a few weight gain setbacks) but I FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT!

23. [284 > 127 = 157lbs lost] (21 months) thought I was done losing, but dropped another 10 pounds this month!

24. [160ish > 142 = 18ish lbs] (3 months) just a good reminder to myself why I will never drink again. The most noticeable progress isn’t physical.

25. [137 to 112.8 = 24.2 lbs] prepping for my very first show. I just remember seeing the picture on the left for the first time and feeling overwhelming sadness.

My mental health is much better, and I’m just really proud of the progress I’ve made. Both physically and mentally

26. [257->149=108 lbs] Only 5 more pounds to go and feeling better than ever!

27. [203lbs>118lbs=85lbs] changing my nutrition and sticking to it was the best decision of my life

28. [226 lbs > 123 lbs = 103 lbs] Had gained about 50 back during the beginning of Covid and am finally back down to my lowest weight ever

29. [207lbs > 145lbs = 62lbs] 365 days of calorie deficit!

Do you feel motivated enough to start a change in your current lifestyle? What would your main challenge in the journey be? Let us know in the comments!

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