Little Johnny was being rude in class…

A first grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students, who was being extremely rude in class…

So, one day she asked Little Johnny what his problem was.

He replied, “I’m too smart for the first grade… ”

“my sister is in the third grade, and I’m smarter than her too.”

The teacher took him to the principle’s office, and explained the situation to the principle.

The principle told her that he would give Johnny a test, and if he failed to answer one question correctly…

he would have to go back to the first grade and be quiet.

The teacher and Johnny both agreed.

The principle asked, “What’s 3×3?”

Johnny replied, “9.”

“6×6?” asked the principle.

“36,” Johnny quickly replied.

It continued on like this for almost an hour.

The principle asked Johnny every question a third grader should know, and he answered them all correctly…

Finally, the principle told the teacher, “I see no reason Johnny can’t go to the third grade, he answered all of my questions right.”

The teacher asked if she could ask him some questions.

The principle and Johnny agree.

So, the teacher asks Johnny, “What does a cow have four of, that I only have two of?”

“Legs,” Johnny replies.

The teacher then asks, “What do you have in your pants, that I don’t have?”

The principle gasps, but before he can stop him from answering…

Johnny says, “Pockets.”

Then the teacher asks, “What does a dog do, that a man steps into?”

Johnny says, “Pants.”

Finally, the teacher asks, “What starts with “F”, ends with “K”, and means a lot of excitement?”

“Firetruck!” says Johnny.

The principle breathes a big sigh of relief, then says, “Put Johnny in the fifth grade… ”

“I got the last four questions wrong myself!”

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