Student shouts out loud when she sees her teacher for the first time: ‘My dad has a picture of you’


After years of hard work and dedication, Angelina, 28, found herself feeling proud of the school she has successfully ran for years. As a teacher, she thought she has seen it all, until one day a girl entered her class and introduced herself as Emily, saying that she owned a cat named Whiskers and that she and her dad had recently moved to town. All of a sudden, the girl added, “Oh, and my dad has a photo of you at our house.”

Angelina smiled awkwardly and didn’t ask any questions, but the girl’s words stood with her for a while. Intrigued to see who her father was, Angelina decided to wait and see who would pick up the girl from school. The moment she saw the girl’s father, Angelina’s heart stopped for a second. It was Michael, her high-school sweetheart whom she planned her life with when she was young. This brought so many memories of her life with him. Angelina recalled the days when the two had deep conversations about their future together, and then she recalled the decision she once made that hunted her all these years. Twelve years ago, she woke up feeling pain and being pale. Michael was by her side. He got scared and brought her a glass of water,

but she didn’t feel any better. Not knowing what to do next, he called her parents who were quick to arrive to Michael’s place. They all went to the hospital together, praying that nothing serious was going on. After running some tests, doctors revealed that Angelina was pregnant. She was expecting a baby with Michael. Sharing the news with him, Michael was over the moon. He told her he loved the idea of being a father and spending the rest of his life with her and their baby. Angelina’s parents were as excited. They were happy she found someone like Michael who loved her so much,

However, Angelina felt conflicted. She didn’t feel like she was ready for a baby. She had dreams she wanted to pursue, a career on her mind, and a wish to own her own school one day. When she attempted to voice her concerns, her dad stopped her with the words, “Now is not the time for foolish dreams. You need to focus on what’s important – this baby.” Angelina nodded. She felt like this situation was forcing her to put her aspirations aside, and she didn’t feel happy because of it. Some months later, Angelina received a letter from a college she had applied for some time ago. “Mom, Dad, look at this. The college I applied to… they’ve accepted me!” Her parents reacted with mixed feelings. “Angelina, this is great news,” her mother said, “But have you thought this through? With the baby coming…” “I could do both – be a mom and study. I could manage with some help from Michael,” Angelina suggested, her voice full of hope. Her father was skeptical, “Angelina, we are proud of you, but you have to be realistic. You’re about to become a mother.” Angelina said, “But I can do both. I know I can.” Her mom then said, “Michael has found a good job, and he’s preparing for the baby. He can’t be expected to juggle work and help with the baby while you study.” Her dad was on the same page as her mother. “Your place is with the child, Angelina. Michael will be the breadwinner, and you should focus on raising your family,” he said. At that moment, Angelina felt like her dreams diminished. Her parents didn’t understand her aspirations. They only saw her as a future mother, and that was all. When the time came for Angelina to give birth to her daughter, her parents and Michael were by her side. The baby was born healthy. She loved her little one, but the idea of motherhood overwhelmed Angelina. She felt trapped and robbed of the life she had always envisioned for herself. After thinking carefully, she decided she wasn’t ready to be a mother, and she felt like her girl would be better without her, so she left a note and left, leaving her family behind. Angelina attended the prestigious school, excelled at her studies, and was finally able to open her own school as she had always dreamed. However, the thought of abandoning her family haunted her every single day. After gathering the courage, Angelina decided to follow Emily after school one day, and she had suddenly found herself at Michael’s doorstep. “Angelina?” Michael asked in shock when he opened the door. “I’m sorry to come unannounced. We need to talk,” Angelina started, feeling emotional. Michael then invited her in. They talked about his life with his daughter, and how things were hard at times but they somehow managed. “I left to chase my dreams, but I’ve realized the cost was too high. I missed out on so much,” Angelina confessed, her eyes on the photographs. “You achieved your dream, then? Your school?” Michael asked. “Yes, I did,” Angelina responded, her voice a mix of pride and regret. “Then maybe it wasn’t all in vain,” Michael said. “We’ve had a good life, me and our daughter. It wasn’t easy, but we managed. She’s grown into a wonderful, smart, and kind girl.” Angelina told him that the school Emily now attended was in fact hers. Michael said he was glad she succeeded in her life, and that there was something else he needed to tell her. Emily was sick and the treatment for her illness cost a lot of money. He did all he could to be able to find the money, but it was hard. He even sold his house and that was the reason they moved places. Angelina felt helpless. She found her daughter after that many years and she simply couldn’t lose her again. That’s when she made a decision that would change her life yet again. A few days passed by when Angelina appeared at Michael’s door again. She was holding an envelope with a check in it with a significant sum. Micheal asked her where she had found the money. “I sold the school, Michael,” Angelina revealed, her decision heavy but clear. “But that was your dream—” Michael said. “I know, but our daughter’s life and being a part of it means more to me now. I lost you both once; I can’t let that happen again. I’d give everything to be a part of her life again,” Angelina said with determination. Luckily, Emily was able to receive the treatment and heal. Angelina moved in with Michael and their daughter, hoping to bond with her girl. Being with her family again brought Angelina a sense of peace and fulfillment, far surpassing her professional achievements. Please SHARE this article with your family and friends on Facebook.

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