My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I

My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I Then Offered Them a Deal They Both Totally Hated

A woman, 45, wrote a letter to our editorial and told us her very unusual family story.

It might be not so unique: a husband in his late 40s leaving a wife of many years for someone who’s young and “fresh”.

But the woman found a very witty way to show her husband and his young mistress that she’s not the person who’ll cry day and night, and she also has something up her sleeve to make them feel very uncomfortable.

Family life for the spouses has not always been a bed of roses.

My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I Then Offered Them a Deal They Both Totally Hated

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A woman named Sandra, 45, wrote us a letter where she told us her absolutely mind-blowing family situation.

She opened her letter with some backstory, saying that she and her husband Matt had been happily married for 25 years before an unwanted affair ruined their union.

Sandra wrote, “Our life with Matt had been happy, and I felt really loved throughout these 25 years.


I would call this marriage blessed, because we both have been through so many ups and downs, including a tragic accident that happened in our family and took the life of our youngest son, Luca.”

Sandra recalls that all pain and all troubles that she and Matt faced during their family life, were met by both of them unanimously, and they coped with everything together. Sandra also wrote, “I could never have suspected that Matt could cheat on me.

In our younger years, he didn’t pay much attention to other ladies, it was only me who was on a spotlight for him, and this didn’t seem to have changed throughout the years.

Matt has always been a totally monogamous man, who would do anything and everything for his family to live a calm and happy life.”

Who could have thought that an absolute treasure of a spouse would have an affair!

One day turned everything upside down in Sandra’s quiet and settled life.

My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I Then Offered Them a Deal They Both Totally Hated

Sandra goes on, saying, “One day, Matt came home from work earlier than usually.

I became instantly worried, because I knew he had some problems with his heart lately, so I supposed he was having some heartache, and he was looking exhausted, which made me even more worried about him.”

When she asked Matt about what was happening and how he was feeling, he asked her to sit down with him and listen.

Apparently, he had something serious to share with his wife, so she prepared for some bad news, but she couldn’t even expect it to be that bad.

Sandra wrote, “Matt sat on the opposite side of the table and started talking.

He put it straight without rambling, that he has a mistress, her name’s Abby, she’s 25, and she’s his ex-coworker.”

Sandra was shocked at the news, but her astonishment grew even more when Matt announced that he was going to divorce Sandra immediately and marry Abby.

He also mentioned that he was going to spend all his retirement allowance on Abby and her needs, because she would be his spouse soon.

Sandra didn’t deliver the reaction that her spouse was expecting.

My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I Then Offered Them a Deal They Both Totally Hated

Sandra wrote, “I don’t know exactly what people do in such cases as mine, if they laugh, cry, become depressed, whatever.

But at that moment I just said to myself that I shouldn’t do any of these things.

I tried to be as calm as a rock, and didn’t even ask him for any details. I suggested discussing the divorce together and finished the talk after we did.”

Sandra and Matt got divorced in no time, and Matt got married to Abby.

They went on a honeymoon.

And Sandra found out from Matt’s Instagram page that they went exactly to the same place where she and Matt used to stay when they were newlyweds.

This made her fuming, she confessed that this was the last straw, and she didn’t expect her ex to be so cynical.

When the newlyweds returned from their trip, a big surprise was waiting for them.

My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I Then Offered Them a Deal They Both Totally Hated

Sandra goes on with her story, saying that she knew the exact date and time her ex and his mistress would come back from their honeymoon.

Matt called her and said that they would come to their house, which they co-owned with Sandra, to discuss this very house together.

Sandra knew what this all would be about. She knew that Matt would be urging her to sell the house and to leave it.

But she also knew that she would never let it happen, as she already had a plan.

So, when Matt and Abby arrived, they rang the doorbell, and when the door was open, the first thing they saw was red tape.

It was everywhere in the house, arranged in some logical way that could be seen as a border between the rooms.

Sandra wrote, “They asked me immediately what it all was about.

I asked them not to cross the red tape here and there and explained that now, we will be living in this house together, so I made a border, between their part and mine, and I divided everything into two parts.

The bathroom, the kitchen, our bedrooms, even the closet.

I said they shouldn’t cross the red tape, as it will be a violation of private property, and if they want to cross it, they need to ask me first, every time they want to do it.”

Sandra added some more explanation to the newlyweds, and they became even more shocked.

My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I Then Offered Them a Deal They Both Totally Hated

Sandra explained that she divided the kitchen in a way that the fridge is on “her” side, as they’re the newlyweds and they will buy themselves a new one.

She also divided the only one sink with water, and she made it from bottom to half.

As for the bathroom, they had two, so she allowed them to use the one which was upstairs, and hers was downstairs.

The one that she left for the newlyweds, needed a big repair, and she said they could use their finance to renovate it.

Saying that the couple was in shock is to say nothing, as Sandra mentioned.

She didn’t expect them just to turn around and to leave the house in silence.

A week later, she was informed that Matt didn’t have any property claims for their house, and he was ready to confirm it legally.

So, Sandra started a new life in her house and this was her small but a very significant victory over her cheating husband and his new wife.

We totally love the way Sandra dealt with her husband’s infidelity.

My Husband Divorced Me to Marry His Young Mistress, I Then Offered Them a Deal They Both Totally Hated

We think that Sandra rocked in her decision not to make a scandal after she found out about this pity affair.

As probably many women, she really felt hurt, but she didn’t let her emotions take control over her.

We think Sandra will find a decent man, as she’s still in the perfect age for love and adventures, and we sincerely wish her to be happy and to never face an adultery again.

And here’s yet another fascinating life story, with a truly detective twist. Read more to find out how one witty woman used a tampon to find out if her partner was cheating on her.

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