Doctor Raises Triplets after Mother Dies in Labor, in 5 Years Their Bio Dad Appears — Story of the Day

When his sister Leah died giving birth to her triplets, Thomas Spellman had to fight the hardest battle of his life. With the intention of providing them with the greatest life possible, he adopted and raised them.

However, Joe, Leah’s ex-boyfriend, appeared five years later and declared he wanted his kids back. Joe requested custody even though he hadn’t been present for Leah’s difficulties or his own troubles with alcoholism.

Thomas battled valiantly in court to honor his pledge to Leah. The judge decided in Thomas’s favor based on evidence of Joe’s unhealthy lifestyle and lack of support.

Joe continued however, pointing to his resolve and financial security. The court ruled in favor of Joe after learning about Thomas’s health problems because they thought it would be best for the kids.

Thomas, brokenhearted, was ready to say farewell to his nephews. He promised to visit frequently and reassured them of his devotion in spite of their objections.

The children expressed their wish to be with Thomas by clinging to him during a heartfelt moment. Joe, moved by their affection for their uncle, returned the hug and understood the value of putting the needs of the kids above his own.

Ultimately, the children, Joe, and Thomas found comfort in their common love and dedication to the triplets’ well-being.

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