Entitled Teen Is against Parents Buying a First-Class Ticket for His Nanny – Mom Is Stunned To Hear This

An affluent family faced a dilemma when their entitled son, Matt, opposed sponsoring his nanny’s first-class ticket for a family vacation. Matt, who grew up privileged, began displaying elitist behavior after switching to a private school at 11.

Concerned about his entitlement, his parents made him work part-time at 16. However, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed he hadn’t changed. When planning a vacation, Matt overheard his parents discussing first-class seats for their nanny, May. Outraged, he argued that since they were already covering everything, May should fly economy.

His mom, grateful for May’s sacrifices, scolded him. Matt continued to argue until his mom decided he’d fly economy too. On the trip day, Matt threw a fit, claiming economy was torture. His parents stood firm, believing he needed a lesson in empathy.

Internet users commended the mom’s decision to teach Matt humility, while her parents disagreed, sparking a debate about parenting and entitlement.

Do you think the woman did the right thing? What would you have done in her situation?

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