A woman poses for pregnancy photos unaware of what will come next

When a person who is about to become a parent learns they are having a child, it is often one of the most wonderful moments in their lives. In order to one day be able to show their children the excitement that surrounds the period leading up to the baby’s arrival, couples who are ecstatic to welcome their little bundle of joy into the world snap a lot of pictures of themselves throughout the latter stages of their pregnancy.

Jazzy and Rich are identical to one another. This couple already has a daughter together, and as of the time of writing, they were getting set to welcome their second child. They both thought that doing a photo shoot would be a lot of fun, so they went ahead and did it.

Jazzy and her kid were dressed in matching pink dresses, and Jazzy had her hair and cosmetics done in advance of the event. Where are we exactly? A waterfall-filled setting fits a picture.

Jazzy was having a great day, but she had no idea that later on in the day, her friend planned a surprise for her that would make it even better.

As he got down on one knee behind her and proposed to her, the photographer urged her to hold the same position for the sake of the portrait. He had the ring in a small box hidden in his pocket and was ready to pop the question.

Jazzy spun around and couldn’t suppress her excitement at seeing her lover propose to her. Don’t miss the chance to watch the touching movie that has already been viewed more than 5.6 million times because it is such a beautiful thing to do. Look at it in the section below.

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