Audience In Awe as Children’s Christmas Recital Turns into Surprising Shake Dance

There’s something really heartwarming about Christmas recitals for kids.

Preschoolers from St. Elizabeth Child Care in Jersey City, NJ, put together a sweet video that captures the spirit of one of these events.

Every year, these cute kids’ performance of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” becomes a big deal.

The kids in the video are so excited as they calmly walk in a line with their hands behind their backs while wearing similar green outfits and holiday accessories.

Later, the curtain goes up, showing three rows of young actors on stage. The background reads “A Child Is Born.”

The crowd cheers with joy as some kids wave to their families and others look a little dazed by the attention.

As soon as the music starts, the choreography starts, showing off the little performers’ cute and natural moves.

Some of the dance moves are shaking your hips, pointing to the crowd, shimmying, and rocking back and forth during the chorus.

The fact that the dancing isn’t perfectly timed adds to the performance’s charm.

The teacher in the front row shows the kids how to do the dance moves and makes sure they stay on track during the whole routine.

The kids hold hands and sway during the musical break before going back to the lively chorus moves.

Parents and other family members are in the crowd, and they clap and sway to the music because the kids on stage are so cute.

At the end of the video, the kids give a big finish with their hands waving in the air.

The crowd cheers as the little artists take their bows and the curtain goes down.

People who watched the video on YouTube shared their happiness by saying the show was “so funny” and “so cute.”

Some comments made fun of the kids who might have missed a step, while others praised the little girl in the middle for singing along and looking like she knew the steps.

The video shows the pure magic and joy of children’s Christmas concerts, making it a heartwarming holiday moment for everyone who sees it.

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