We send Sharon Osbourne our prayers

Recent speculations claim that Sharon Osbourne fell unwell while working on a new television show. Osbourne was consequently sent to a local hospital, where she is still being treated.

TMZ reported that Osbourne was creating a sitcom with a supernatural component. She fell ill on December 16 as a guest at the Glen Tavern Hotel in California.

At 6:30 p.m. PST, emergency medical services were summoned to the Inn. Osbourne’s current health status is unknown.

After dealing with a long list of health issues of his own, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon is now experiencing a medical problem. Osbourne required extensive back surgery to address a chronic condition he developed after a severe fall years earlier.

Fortunately, Osbourne’s procedure went without a hitch, his family announced in a statement. “Our family would like to convey how appreciative we are of all the kindness and assistance shown in the months preceding Ozzy’s operation! Ozzy is doing fantastic and recovering nicely! Your love genuinely means everything to him.

About a month after the life-saving surgery, images of the rock star using a cane to get about the streets went viral. According to Page Six, the procedure aimed to straighten his neck and back after his fall in 2019 by adding more pins to them.

Ozzy couldn’t walk properly before the treatment, according to Sharon. This process was intended to fix it.

Ozzy appears to still be healing, but new images of him with his wife and children outside indicate that he is up and moving around. However, he can also be seen in the images walking with a cane.

Ozzy Osbourne’s announcement that he is leaving the United States is another noteworthy one. Ozzy, his wife, and their children have lived in California for a sizable amount of time.

Osbourne, though, asserts that he has had enough of gun violence following a string of horrific events in the US. Osbourne swore to return to England, where he was born.

According to the musician, “Everything there is fcking crazy.” “I’m tired of seeing deaths every day. It is unknown how many people have died in school shootings. Then there came the massacre at the Las Vegas concert. It’s just absurd.

“I also don’t want to die in America. I don’t want to be laid to rest on the f*cking Forest Lawn. I’m from England. I want to return. Having said that, if my wife insists on moving to Timbuktu, I’ll still go. No, I think it’s just time for me to return home.

I experienced nerve discomfort as a result of the pressure on my spinal column. I had never heard of nerve pain before, Ozzy remarked. “Do you remember the time your hands grew terribly cold while you were a child playing in the snow? Do they warm up when you enter the room and spray them with hot water? Do you also feel cold? And the suffering is intolerable? Whatever is, is. As it got worse, I pleaded, “Oh God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning.” because the discomfort was intolerable.

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