I was sitting in a pizzeria with my girlfriend and we were having a quiet afternoon. Next to our table came a young couple.


I was sitting in a pizzeria with my girlfriend and we were having a quiet afternoon. Next to our table came a young couple. They sat facing each other.

Without much delay, the waiter came and brought them the menu. As soon as the girl started browsing and looking for a pizza she likes, the boy sighed all the while: Give me a quick pick there, I don’t have much time to waste.

She just looked at him and was silent. Her face was yellow and her forehead beaded with sweat from embarrassment. She looked very sad.

The boy tried to turn the plate and become more friendly in his own way, but she was still silent and did not say a word back.

He didn’t have much patience and immediately told him: You have tired our heads enough with these whims of yours, I have no patience to deal with you now. She did what she knew best, she kept quiet.

Means it seems silence and crouching was the only way she thought she could protect him. The girl just gathered herself, was silent and tried to hide her boredom deep inside her soul. The waiter came and brought them what they had ordered.

The girl took a piece and began to eat slowly, looking out the haunted glass. He folded a few pieces and ate them quickly. He collected the rest and threw it to the girl on her plate giving her the message that they had to leave.

He began to look around to see if any waiter caught his attention to tell him to pack up the pieces that were left and take them with him. The frowning girl left half of what she had started to eat. God knows what sadness was hidden deep in her soul. The waiter came and took what was left to pack.

The girl opened wallet and took out ten thousand old coins from it, leaving them on the table. He looked at her with a frown, threw the money in her face and said: Put it where you had it, don’t make me look interesting.

The girl refused saying that it was her idea and desire to go to the pizzeria. Well, since you’re going to pay, you pay, said the boy, and he took her ten thousand Leksh and put it in his wallet without thinking twice.

The waiter came and brought the bill. He took out five thousand from his wallet and asked the girl if she had another two thousand because she didn’t want to spend the ten thousand. She opened her wallet with her characteristic silence, checked for a bit and found two thousand lek and put them on the table. They got up, left.

On her face there was still paleness and beads of sweat, and not at all the pleasure that man takes after his stomach is full. They left, but I remained. I was left with a great desire for her to break up with that man an hour ago.

Or as soon as she walked out the door of this place where she ate the most bitter pizza a man can eat. Lesson: It was a very sad episode that in my opinion defines a very large part of our youth.

I think there are many men like this guy and many women like this girl who endlessly endure the contempt and insults of the person by their side. It’s ironic actually, because he’s supposed to be the person who’s supposed to support you, give you peace and happiness. It should be the person who brings joy to your eyes.

Dear girls, I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I want to give you a piece of advice. Open your eyes and understand who you are choosing to spend your life with.

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